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Team Building Events

Cultivating Company Culture

Adults, like children, learn best through play.
And play is what we're good at!

What to Expect

Setting up your team building event depends on a lot of factors including number of employees, how long of an event you would like, and where the event will take place. The best way to get an accurate picture of how your event will be run is to contact us so we can discuss your specific details.

A general outline of our team building events includes:

1 - Set up. We can do this without your staff, but will need access to the space one hour before your event.

2 - Introduction and Instruction.

3 - Game play. 1, 2, or 3, hour events are standard, larger companies may need more time depending on number of players and available space. Employees can also rotate through so that the entire company staff is not participating simultaneously.

4 - Debriefing. We take time at the end of your event to talk with your team about what they learned about themselves and their team, as well as their communication and problem solving abilities. We help your team discover their strengths and weaknesses and the value and importance of working together. Then we discuss how this could be applied in the workplace. Your team goes back to work, refreshed, recharged, strengthened, and happy!

5 - Clean Up. We do this part while your team goes about whatever their next task is. It's quick, but we need about 20 minutes to clear the space at the end of your event.

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